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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bye Bye Dark Circles!

Many of us suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes. They can make us look older, tired and unhealthy. For me- I think it adds more years to our appearance than wrinkles and grey hair.

You guys have witnessed my terrible dark circles in the previous months. So I am very happy to say they have been improving (Wohooo). I will share how I minimise my dark circles trick with you guys.

Before treating your dark circles- you need to access WHY you have them. They are caused by different factors and I'll be going through some of the main causes and what you can do to combat these factors as well.

It's all about constricting the blood flow under your eyes. After washing my face- I splash cold water on my face to give my face a glow and also treat dark circles but sometimes it's not enough because Hong Kong's water isn't cold enough and I require a better cold compress.

I find wet cold cloths lose their cold temperatures too quick as well. So I like to Freeze cotton cloths because they are soft but can be frozen and moulded very well. Even when the ice particles melt- the cloth remains very cold.

This also wakes me up and energizes me in the morning which is cool beans.

Even better quick fix? Makeup. You can minimise dark circles in a flash.

Music: Instrumentals of 'Rainbow A' and 'IU's goOd day'

Hope you guys enjoy this video.

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