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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Favourite Products of November -bubzbeauty

Hey everyone,

Here are my favourite beauty products of the month of November. I skipped out monthly fav videos for September and October due to a busy schedule (tehee, sorry  guys). I'm very excited about my favourite products of this month because I think they are all fab fab. I definitely use them all on a frequent basis. 

Watch video below:

More info on the November beauty picks. 
Korres Mandarin Lip Butter Stick (Rose)
I love Korres lip butters but a disadvantage of the tub ones is that I just don't have patience to dip my fingers into the product and end up with sticky fingers. The lip butter stick can be applied at ease because of the lipstick packaging design. Now that it's Winter, lipstick is just far too drying for my lips so this little baby gives me best of both worlds. Moisturises my lips and protects against sun damage while also giving my lips a pretty rosy tint. I've been wearing a lot of deep reds, oranges and plums in my clothing lately and deeper red lips really complements my outfits. It contains a decent amount of product and comes in 6 shades. If you're not a fan of the darker tints, you can opt for the Korres lip butters instead (the tub packaging ones) because their shades are more sheer and light.

Where to buy:
I actually purchased mine from an airport. I know Korres can be found in Sephora. I actually live in Hong Kong so I'm unable to buy these products here so I have to purchase online. They can be found at

GOSH Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick (Love that beige)
The eyeshadow sticks are my favourite products from the GOSH cosmetic range. They glide beautiful and last all day long. Unlike Mac shadesticks, they don't dry out and become hard and crappy. I use this everyday either wearing it alone to brighten up my eyes or as a base to prep my eyes before eyeshadow application. Urban Decay Primer Potion somehow doesn't sit very well on my lower lash line. It makes the fine lines under my eyes appear even more prominent. I have opted for the GOSH waterproof eyeshadow stick instead. One of my must-have products for my eyes.

Where to buy:
I got this from my local drugstore (Watsons) but I believe they can be found in some pharmacies and in Superdrug. I believe GOSH also have a website as well for UK and the States.


AquaMoist Facial Cleansing Foam 
My top 5 cleansers of all time for sure. No other cleanser leaves the face feeling as hydrated and supple as this baby. I have used it since University and even though I love experimenting with different beauty products, I always go back to this product. This is suitable for all skin types (I especially reccomend if you have dry or sensitive skin). I need extra moisture during the colder season so this product caters my skin's needs. It has gone up in price through the years but still remains affordable for it's great results.

Where to buy:
I purchased this from my local drugstore (Watsons/Mannings) but when I lived outside Asia, I used to order online from


AquaMoist C Whitening Lotion
This essence leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. I LOVE patting this on my face because it feels so good. Almost as if I can feel my skin drinking up the moisture. Facial essences can be VERY pricey. I used to use SKII's Essence water and to be honest, I'm happy using my AquaMoist instead. It costs a fraction of the price and gives great skin results.

Where to buy:
I purchased this from my local drugstore (Watsons/Mannings) but when I lived outside Asia, I used to order online from


ZA Dewy Effect Emulsion
This refreshing emulsion feels light but absorbs into the skin easily to hydrate the skin. The ingredients is designed to help the skin lock in moisture. I use this before applying my moisturiser but it can definitely be worn alone too. Great for oily skin as well.

Where to buy:
I got this in my local drugstore Watsons. To be honest, I've never purchased this brand through the web before. I know it can be found through but haven't had experiencing shopping in the website.

I hope this post was helpful! Have a great week everybody! I'm off to bed now. I am soooo exhausted because it's been such a long hard day. Good night guys teheee.

Much love,

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