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Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIY Detox Mask

Here is an effective mask that brightens, tones, cleanses and tightens the skin. Yes- this mask is uber because it cleanses the skin by detoxing it. It was taught to me by Mandy. A lovely beauty consultant who swears by home remedies. This mask is designed to prep up the skin when it is exhausted or strained.

Grapes are one of the best detoxifiers. They are also welknown to be anti-aging. This mask is quick and easy to make. You can really just pop into your kitchen and make amazing beauty remedies just like that.

A lot of expensive products you use or see today all use extracts from plants/fruits/vegetables. These are easily at reach in your own homes.

Try it yourself and you will see/feel the amazing results. If you don't have the ingredients at home already- you will be able to find it easily at your local supermarket.

This mask can be used once-twice a week. I would especially reccommend this mask after a night out or a long day a polluted city.

When your texture of your skin is improved- you will find your makeup even looks better. Infact- you won't even need makeup as much.

Until next time,
Stay well ^_^

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