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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My "sensei"

Dear dairy..

Cheq nk habaq mai siket..
Hari ni kak nalni panggil i masuk pantry lps dia habis buat case ot..
Guess wht diary..dia ajak i bergossip XD.. Walaowehh
But Everything tht she told me its true tau..
All surgeons they all like sanjung tinggi dgn nareshhhh (my sensei )
So whenever other radiographer do their cases.. Kompom kene compared dgn nareshhhh ..this naresh that nareshhh semua lah about nareshhh ..yg lain asik kene kutuk jak..

Nareshhh pun satu apahal lah dia terer sgt...m so envy of him.. M almost 10 months working at here..its very challenging to compete my sensei.. Tererr bebenauuuu..
Need to put more knowledge in my brain..n gain experience..
But dear diary...i got 2 big problem..
Its my clumsiness n my blurrr  or (i called it "loading brain" hahaha)
I dont hav any idea how to deal it..

Whtever it is.. Keep on  smiling .. Bile bad mood mau nangisss ..masuk washroom..hahaha

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