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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I want but my body dont want..

Assalammualaikum wahai diary

These days are very busy day..
Recently i feel so tired.. I want to go out lepak2 kah makan2 kah.. But my body dont allows me to do tht.. Got so much things to do..

As for today..
Actually i wanna hangout with amoyy go watching movie whtsoever..
But my body say stay at home.. Get some rest kononnya..
But i need to do my part before i get rest.. Itu dapoqqq x setel lagiiiii
Lagu mana mau tidoq mcm ni ...

So dear diary.. M really hope u can talk ..
Talk with me something funny n make me laugh till i drop my tears ..
I need to charge my mood..please supply me some resources..
Hahahahaha adehhhh nonsense lah..

Diary: Sudah lh dila pigi lah buat kije..pastu tidoq..(tibe2)

Dila:Okay2(baikkkk boss)

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