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Saturday, January 2, 2016

VIOLATION SACRED SECRECY of Diaries tht i done

DEAR My diary .. Well... M pretty sure tht u still remember i posted something about VIOLATION of the SACRED SECRECY of Diaries  b4.
I said
"u can't let people read u'r diaries.!!!!
Diaries are private''! "

Hahahaha about this matter..
I just wanna shared something tht kinda funny n interesting for me..
Just now i went to bilik makngah.. I go there to borrow a scissor..

Well.. The thing is Only linda was there in the room..  Doing her preparation for her school .. Theres so many books scatter on
 the floor..and some are properly arranged at the racks..

Guess wht XD
I found something interesting ..
I picked one of the book at the rack..
Its only a small book.. Actually its a small note book tht look just the same book i used to write down my notes at my workplace.. Only the color of the cover is different..its pink color...mine is mint green ..
Well.. The thing is..
I just randomly open one of d pages ..
Guess wht diary.. Hahah that small book is actually a diary.. I think its belongs to chacha ... Coz I recognise her hand writing...
Well ..i feel very i read her diary.. Butt !!
I only read few sentences in few pages randomly....  m swear i did not read all pages..

I noe.. I break the rules ..
 i did the violation SACRED SECRECY of Diaries

 but.. The fun part is..Hahaha i know her few secrets .. But i dont want to share with u.. Its still PNC  XD
But.. Hahaha i give u some clue...
"Its one of the chapter of her life"
How cool is that!! XD

Okay.. Thts all for today.. Have a great hot sunday..
N for u MR saprol AKA  GH If u read this...
I just wanna let u know..
Please stop reading. Heh.. U dont even reply my text.. Hahaha
Enjoy urr vrrrrooommm vrooommm its ur day... Its been busy right..
Wekkk Xp
See u next week..daaa daaa

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