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Saturday, February 18, 2012

fiza suddenly fainted ..

hye peeps'' its me again..posted a new entries ...
hahahaha  i tell u what'' must read it..
yana,fiza,siraj n I went to azrai's house,fiza's get back fiza's galaxy tab n her paired sugar glider from his ex boyfriend .. guess what.. we only get back her galaxy tab.. n the story began''
 after azrai gave me the galaxy tab.. fiza n azrai talked face to face outside azrai's house,yana, n me waited inside siraj's car... after 1 hours later... they finished their quarrel.. i slightly get out from the car n came to fiza n hugged her.. when i hugged her..suddenly i felt ..she staggering.. n i think she was fainted.. so i kept hugging her n wait until yana n siraj came to help me''
but my thought was wrong... they didn't noticed that fiza was fainted...(they really thought that us only hugged''i a drama always did)hahahaha i think u can't imaging how heavy she was that i should hold.., after i won't be able to hold it anymore... i let her go n she just fell like that'' only then they get out from the car n get us... i mean fiza... 'hahaha after we took her to hospital.. then she woke up.. but yana my friend get yelled from a doctor coz making noise with fiza in the semi critical zone b'coz fiza making a joke after she woke up.. hahahahaha poor yana...

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