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Saturday, February 25, 2012

hye peeps'' this entries is about my advice to my friend..

after i read ur latest blog post I think your main issue is that you actually care what other people think about you. Does it really matter about the opinions of other people that do not know you personally? Why should you judge yourself based upon some other person's ideas of how you should be? Nobody owns your life except for yourself.

I think someone had belittled you to the point that they have taken away all of your self-esteem, self-respect and made you feel as though you have absolutely no value, as well as taken away your will. You need to regain your life, regain your confidence and esteem and take control of your life. Nobody can change your life for the better except your self.

People that intend to make you feel bad, guilty or worthless, only do this to you because they are a failure at their own lives and have lost control of their lives, so in return, they honestly believe this gives them the right to judge you and attempt to manipulate and control your life. (note:Don't allow anyone to do this to you anymore. )

Personally, If i'm a guy'' I would much rather enjoy a woman that smells like fresh baked cookies(like my mom''either martha stewert) than to have to tolerate someone that smells like cigarettes, alcohol or reeking of that "homeless" smell because they are just too lazy to take a shower. It is amazing that people can have such insignificant things to complain about when the world is facing such a severe crisis that could virtually affect every human being on the face of the earth.

My suggestion would be to plan what you intend to do with your life, save up and relocate to another location where you feel comfortable with the people around you. Stop going to places where the "old hens" have nothing better to do than to nitpick on you for the smallest detail in your life. Start getting out more often and visit places where people tend to appreciate the world, nature, even other people as opposed to complaining about anything and everything under the sun. You know the phrase: "Misery Loves Company", it is very true. (if u never heard the misery love company...u simply google about it)hahahahaha ^^

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