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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

JUST MOVE ON!! (dedicate to mah friend)

hye peeps..
just to inform u guys this entries ..i dedicate to mah friend ''comot''

dear comot''
i know u was broken heart(i mean she broke up with her bf)
i know u was seriously lost in ur life... i can see it...although everyone near u can see it..
i can see how sad u r'' how pain ur broken heart...''
remember the day that u run away ?? well'' off course u remember it rite??
well '' actually, its the worse day ever...
 u made ur friends ur roommate..especially nysa , n ME!! like a crazy people.. worrying about u...
we had been searching u everywhere... but we failed..  we had been call ur phone n text u a msg..over n over again... but u didn't answered our phone call...even reply us a msg,...
did u know how we blank our mind...coz too worried about u?

n.. do u remember after we found u...
n u told us that u want to kill ur self''? heh'' off course u do..
did u know how dissappointed i mad i am... how ****ing mad i'm?? hah''
i feel like wanna slightly kicked u n punched ur pretty face u noe...or worse.. i shoot u with a gun''
do u noe how F***ING STUPID u are...?!!!!  i know that u being relationship with that guy for a 6 years long...n u damn love him so much!!i noe...n i noe about it so much...because u had told me that for thousand times...

 this quote for u comot'' "Love makes time pass; time makes love pass."''

BUT'' instead of 6 years being love with him... can u count how much year ALLAH being love with u??
did u realize that ALLAH are the ONE who gave u soul' gave u a parent.. gave u a love... thus' can u choosem...compared to that stupid foolish guy that u in love with him only for six years long..'' n Allah'' who was the one u supposed to loved more ??

so please lah ..!
tolong lah !!!! jgn jdi too stupid just because of a guy''
there's a lot guy in the world... there's must be the one for u..
because Allah is always want us get the best for us!!
remember that...
love in this world are :-
love is blind''love is insane '' love is sweet but sometime its bitter..''love is pain '' love is a  poison '' love is killer'' love is a blast'' love is suffer''

but if u love ALLAH .u suppose to know what will u get...for the time its come..''
well ''get this.. ''everyone will die n we can't deny'' so please appreciate ur life ...



yeeeeaaahhh..i agree wif uuuu..

jahajahatable said...

adakah qasedyana ni si comot berkenaan? sekadar bertanye...

dolce anysa said...

She did it again babe . Now more worse than before . Im really miss her .