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Monday, February 6, 2012

family trip''

assalammualikum'' yo! wassup''
i'm back..!!!!
just wanna post some new entries ..''dah bersawang dah dyla tgk blog nie''lame x bukak..
anyway.. last sat'' my family n i went to BLuE lAgOOn!!! at  portDiCkSoN..N'9
I tell u what'' its freakin'  awesome!! u must
 go there with ur family... at there u can do a lot of activities KAYAKing, ridin' jet skii., campingn , night walk.. n so much more...

just to update u about this ''news''
when my family went out together, late evening ..
we stopped by at the burger stall.. there was a aunty'' tell us that her daughters found a dead body
when she playing jet ski with her friends...
around 5 something... there's 2 police car came for investigating,... i guess..''
but at that time.. we were at our apartment..
 so we don't know what the hell was going on..

hahahaha that's all i wanted to tell u guys...
bye bye then...

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