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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Makeup for Sick Days

Hey guys,

So I've been struck with the cold for the past two weeks. For the past week, I've been so sleep deprived and exhausted. My nose is so blocked so I have trouble sleeping at night. No sleep makes my complexion even paler and a congested nose worsens dark circles. My nose was sore, red and flakey and my skin felt dehydrated. Infact, my entire body felt dehydrated and achey all over. I really thought it was the worse time to be sick because this month would be such a busy month for me.  However, it did inspire me to do a 'Makeup for Sick Days' tutorial for you guys.

We all get sick. It's ok, we just gotta make sure we drink lots of water and take lots of rest. We all just want to stay home in our bath gowns in front of the TV but there's gonna be days where we'll have to go out and face people. You could be at school, work, doing errands or meeting people. I don't know about you but when I'm sick- I don't want to spend much time or effort doing my makeup. I also only have two criteria as well:

1. Sick-friendly. I'm sneezing all the time so my eyes water constantly throughout the day. I don't need makeup to smudge on me.
2. I won't even be greedy. I don't need to look glamorous, looking healthy is enough for me.

From experience, I've learnt that caking lots of makeup on a tired face just makes things worse. Lots of foundation makes a dry face look even cakier. Smokey eyes on top of dark circles is horrifying. Less really is more and the results are amazing.

This look can also come in handy when you're feeling/looking tired. Check out the tutorial below:

I apologise if sound too nasal in the video. I had to do the voice over in the morning (had to head out for errands) and for some reason, I'm most nasal during this time. I kept going out of breath from all of the talking lol. Do you guys have any remedies you swear by when sick? My mum makes me take long hot baths and right afterwards, I have to jump straight to bed to sweat out the 'badness'.

Hope this was helpful my baby angels! Once I settle into the new place, I'll update most frequently. In fact, I'll write a diary entry tomorrow yes? Take care and stay beautiful.

Much love, Bubz xx


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