welcome to my condition... saye dyla..tuan punye rumah...note: i'm using broken english in this blog...yup'' no doubt.. ouhh yeahh..hahaha''''..

Friday, December 6, 2013

i'm sickkk

i'm sick n no one knows.. since morning i've headache.. sakit perut ..muntah2..  nk bg tau org . takut menyusahkan.. so i decide to keep quiet.. :) n just now.. i went to secret recepie konon nk isi perut..hahaha at the end i throw out everything i eat.. nice one.. :) n anywy.. thnks to daniel.. coz u are the main character of the day.. thnks alot coz u found my file.. if without u.. i will go find that file by my self..ahahhaa

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