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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

my friend creepy story-based on his true story-

So he sit back on his chair, reminiscing about strange memories while surfing through TL and exhausted after a day of college. he then recall his creepy coincidence that happened one night several months ago (or was it last year) i'm not sure when the coincidence actually happen.. .
*the story is begain
He said that time,The clock was ticking past 11 pm. It was a fine, clear night. he was surfing through until he came upon his favourite horror channel, Thrill. He then checked the movie description, and it was ah, the good old Ring-u, the Japanese version infamously known as "The Ring". he had been watching that movie several times in the past, and it never gets old. (so do i)

So anyway, at that time he said , he put his legs up on the coffee table and watched the movie in darkness in the tranquil peace of the living room. When it came time to the infamous scene of dear sweet Sadako climbing out of a well, on a running tape being watched by one of the movie's protagonists, he murmured to his self, "oh, oh, oh, here we go again...".
There was static on the tape, and she finally began to emerge with her black hair visible, covering her face. It was then that the creepy coincidences happened.

She began to crawl forward and onto the ground, towards the screen. he smiled back at her, knowing that he was not the scared protagonist, staring in terror at her (or was it his) TV. Oh, how much he love Japanese horror films!

As the static grew louder and more coherent, and Sadoko's white dress became more starkly contrasted against the background, the cable box beside the TV began sending out erratic signals. There was now static on his own TV as well.

"What... the... f*ck...?" (im not adding any extra sentence... it was based on what he told the story to me)

At that time? At that time? The cable wiring beside his TV was known to be fickle sometimes, showing static and distorted images on some channels. But why must it have to be that channel of all things?

The picture was distorted, and still, Sadako continued to approach the screen with her contorted body, crawling on all fours like a hell-born lizard. he was frozen at that time. he wanted to reach out to the cable box, and adjust the cables as he always do whenever there was static on the TV. but he could not.

No, no, no, no, no.

his eyes darted around, and then finally to the clock on the living room's wall.

11.57 pm.

"What... the... f*ck...?" Small beads of sweat started forming on his forehead. His heart pounded silently against his ribcages. he desperately wanted to move, and switch off the TV. Luckily, it finally went into total white noise. The distorted picture was gone, and so was Sadako, at least for that time.

11.58 pm.

With the droning sizzle of white noise still in his ears, he looked out through the balcony window. The tenants on the opposite row of condominiums were going on about their lives peacefully. A teenage boy studying. A young baby girl running across the carpet. A family eating dinner. he let out a huge sigh of relief.

11.59 pm.

The telephone rang. he was startled for a second. he did not want to pick it up, not after he had watched "The Phone Call", or whatever that Japanese movie was called. The ringing stopped. Oh, his mom had picked it up in her room. he let out another sigh of relief.

The white noise continued to sizzle and sizzle. he stared at the TV blankly, hoping that the well scene was over by now, once the TV came back on. If it would, by itself.

12 midnight.

The living room door blasted open creaked slowly open. Creak, creak. he stared through the darkness, straining his eyes to see who was there.

"Hey, bro." Shit, it was just his younger brother, coming back from camp. he slumped back into the couch, weary. his brother came over, looked at the TV, and remarked, "Huh, white noise? What are you going to do about it? i guess it is those cables again." his younger brotha asked'

Yeah, yeah.

12.01 am.

he adjusted the cables, and Thrill came back on. This time, there was no well scene and no dear sweet Sadako. Oh, how he have missed thee... NOT. he continued to watch the remainder of the movie in peace.

Soon, it was time for bed. when he trotted into his room, and under his comfy blankets. he left his lamp on, leaving the room in partial darkness. Staring at the ceiling, he counted imaginary sheep and thought of this day's happenings.

And yes, this is all true. It happened to him. Pure coincidences....

to my friend (Ah Chai).. its kinda creepy story dude.. i hope u can tell a new awesome story next time...n thanks sebab sudi lepaking with me .. don't forget to sent my regard to ur girlfriend when u get back to singapore :) 

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