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Sunday, March 10, 2013

miss A again miss A again

dear miss A
I know u are good than me..please stop comparing me with u again
i know u are such a pretty and cleaver girl but dont make me like a silly girl in front of my mom..
 today i got call from my mom .. u said i had cheated my mom for my last sem result??
hello for what?? its a fact u know!!! although i forgot to show the result to my mom..
but its doesnt mean i cheat on her!!
i really hate u !! u know...
y u keep always do this on me :(


Mr Nobody said...

Salam. I know people can be mean to you sometimes, but I believe they teach you about friendship more than we all know at times. I'm glad I have a bad friend even though I don't appreciate them that much. So that I can avoid people like them in the future.

Sorry menyibuk. Saje nak rayau2 alam blog. Urm... kalau tak suka saya komen, delete je lah eh. Terima kasih!

dyla 상태 >.<'' said...

its okay.. no hard feelings.. hahaha btw thanks your comment.. its kinda true..