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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Broga Hill bebeh!! ^^

today.. my coursemates went to Broga Hills also known as Bukit Lalang for mountain climbing..
the hills are located at Semenyih.
The entrance starts at left from an oil palm estate opposite a rabbit park.
Famed for its incredibly panoramic views (especially at dawn) along with easy accessibility on foot, the hill is a popular tourist attraction among locals,
the estate owner cashes on the glut of visitors during weekends and public holidays by charging MYR2 per vehicle that parks on his grounds..

back to the story..
It took us nearly one hour to arrive at the top hill.
The sky was still dark so we started our climbing journey with torch lights. What surprised me was there were quite many people at there as early as 5.30am and you can see many small lights moving at the hill from far far away. So no worry you will not lost at there....hahahhaha

the sky was still dark when we arrived at the top of the hill so we waited at there with laying our body on the rock while enjoying a good view of the night sky ...

  When the Sun was about to rise..
 every people was taking out their cameras no matter it was a DSLR,
compact camera or phone's camera and busy capturing every picture of the slow appearance of the Sun crossing the horizon like a paparazzi..

     Although the journey to the top was tiring and difficult .. it was a very great experience especially when climbing with a bunch of friends where the sky was still dark! n after we climbed the hill..all of us lepaking at warung makan n enjoying our nasi lemak,lotong,n roti canai..after we done our breakfast..all of us started to move to the next destination..which is 'SUNGAI GABAI''.. its really a fun day ever..
        Lets enjoy some pictures i took at Broga Hill!


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