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Friday, February 15, 2013

a plan to cheer up my buddy

assalammualaikum..  saudara saudari.. cikebum cikebum
hehehee.. (sorry terlebih excited)

and again... hye you guysss!!!!
thanks for peeping my dumb blog again n again...

this post entry i dedicated to my old buddy -BUBU-

okay... today i hangout with my old buddy..
her name is Nur Hamizah Huzairi Huzir.. but i called her 'BUBU'
n actually everyone called her ''BUBU''..hahahaha

okay.. the story begun when.. i saw bubu's video last night... in my news feeds
its kind of a sad video..where she express her feeling about what happened to her for this 2 weeks..
n its make me feels to do something that can cheer up her day..
so i planned ''something'' (hahahaa)

today... was the day that i must do the plan that i had planned last night...
after 4.50 p.m i get ready to go her place.. at ''pusat komersial''
i din't tell her that i gonna be at her place..
because.. i wanna make it something surprise...that can cheer up her day..
so before i be at her place..
i take out my money from the ATM near by the giant supermarket first ...
.. then... i went to the giant supermarket..
and bought some popcorn for a surprise (but its not in my plan) hahaha

then i arrived at her house... and when she opened the door..
i smiled and said ''assalammulaikum bubu!!''..
 with my hand giving the popcorn to her and i said ''nah ni untuk bubu'' (sweet x?? hahaha)

then bubu said ''betul ke ni?? mcm mane dyla taau bubu suke makan popcorn?? anyway thankssss''
me:''same2 ermmmm heeee actually dyla teka je.. lgi pun dyla pun suke mkn popcorn jugak.. hehe''
bubu: '' eh thanks tau.. tp kan.. dyla ni okay ke?? sbb pelik je bubu ade problem.. cube citer kat bubu.. ''
me:''eh x delah.. okay je lah.. saje je..dtg sini.. nk jumpe bubu.. bubu kan slalu sedihhh...(berpandukan kepada status kat fb bubu''
bubu:  aaah lah dyla... bubu kat sini sorang2 dah 2minggu da,..
me: lah kesiannn nye bubu..

tanpe berlengah lgi..
i asked her to get ready..
i told her that i wanna buy a ''coolblog''

after she get ready.. we went to the coolblog stall
i bought mocha ice blend flavour with oreo and extra pearl.. while bubu bought chocolate flavour..
then.. suddenly i feel wanna buy some big apple doughnut.. so i bought 4 pcs.. and it cost me RM10..
(hmmm quite expensive for me... but its okay.. coz i wanna make bubu happy..)
then bubu asked me.. ''why u buy too much doughnut'..??
well ..its b'coz we gonna lepaking at tasik seksyen 7..
then bubu only said..okayyyyyy''and she laugh and nod it at the same time..

so..the end of my plan...
we had lepaking at tasik seksyen 7..
having tea time.. while enjoy the view side of the lake..
''talking about our life..shared some tips and some places that gonna be fun to hangout''.. ( its just a wonderful time that i had spent with her )

although i was ''pokaii'' enough (kat bank tinggal 50 je tdi..pastu kuar kan 30 pulak tu ) 
but... i don't mind to be a reallll 'pokai''
coz those money that i had been spent on the plan.. its really worth it..
i had cheered up my friend .. n both of us really enjoy the moment although we spent time only for 2 hours.... 

to BUBU..
i hope u can get through ur  daily life with a brightest smile..
from me -dyla ck-

n sorry for broken english.. and the rojak language i used..

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