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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

give me some clue...

its quite long u didn't call me, text me, even reply my msg..
but when i decided to ''stop'' n i post on my fb '' x nk kacau lgi daaa''
then, few days later when i started to ''stop''  suddenly u appear in front on me..
tgh aq sedap2 lupekan smua prob aq... smbil bersembng ngn nysa pasal perjanjian hitam puteh dia... then u suddenly appear from no whrere...n take a seat beside me... 

in my mind '' what the ??'''

in my heart '' beat too fast'' feel that its gonna explode any time.. n its feel hurt''

at my face '' can't stop keeping look and smile at u''

at the end u just walk away...  

even though its happen really fast...its make me feel wanna die...

so pleaseeeeee... if u really serious about this... u should give me some clue.. m clueless u noeeee..
my mind n my heart said..this guy is something..

#dear diary..i syak this gajah hitam pakai guna2 lah.. adehhhhh


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