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Saturday, November 24, 2012

sarcasm // air hand quotation

hye peeps!!! :) 
Today I'm going to show you something extremely special! 
This is something that you can apply to your everyday life as I have mine. 

Once upon a time, Humans deemed it important to use Irony to convey a point. Irony led to Sarcasm (menyindir), and before long, the whole human race was hooked on being Sarcastic. So some very smart guy, probably a prehistoric Yong Jun, deemed it necessary to create hand symbols to identify and emphasize your sarcasm:

look at the picture above .

We've all seen the "sarcastic" hand quote before, and an example of the usage would be:

Sure, let's go to the "garden".

The sarcastic quote makes everything sound sarcastic therefore implying that the garden is not a real garden...

well ..I used to it, though I feel like the reason its so freakin' creepy is that it's sort of like a "come to me" kind of thing. So I think it is best accompanied by a sly, slightly tilted grin on the face, accompanied by rising and falling eyebrows :P.

Now imagine me with my eyebrows moving up and down and a small sneaky grin, doing that hand action and saying:

Hey there, wanna ,,share a taxi,,?

Yes. Scream and run away. ;)

but he air-quoted phrase is generally very short,a few words at most in common usage, though sometimes much longer phrases may be used for comedic effect.. The gesture was used routinely as the standard signal for a quote or phrase.