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Thursday, August 23, 2012

yellow for raya day 2012 =,=''

hye peeps.. hahaha long time i din make a new post horrr...
blog ni mcm spider web dah.. =.=''

anyway... happy raya day for all muslim in the  world :)

actually there's nothing special about this year raya..
only the color theme for this year (2012) is a bit weird..
they are choosing yellow color theme =..=''
and for ur information  ..i hate yellow color coz its make our skin looks darken.. hahaha
 bellow are some pictures of my raya 2012..

my family members in yellow version.. -.-'
(please don't dare to find me in this picture)

me n my lil cousin ..

with my cousin posing like we are cute little girl XD
hahaahaha its really embarrassing me..

i think that's all for this post.. bye peeps.. 
i gonna update new post as soon as possible ..(maybe) hahahaha

1 comment:

SimplySeoul said...

lots of yellow there. semua sedondon.