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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

birthday celebration :)

 hye... its me againn..
last night i went to uptown shah alam with my members.. ejam,danny,nysa with her boyfie..everyone... except comot :( celebrate my member birthday 'shaz' with her employer..katie...
but the weird things is they asked me to join them to cut the birthday cake as my birthday was 4 days ago.. (21.8.2012) they forced me to cut the birthday cake although i had refuse it..what a lame.. coz there's no my name written on the cake... but yeahh i still cut the cake... hahaha :P

anyway after we are done celebrating the birthday.. we went to a playground park at section 3 near the wetworld ' to take some pictures :).. the pictures are bellow:-

nice right :)

well ..thanks to them coz make a sweet memories for me to remember the day.. :D

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