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Sunday, July 29, 2012

!!!!This is important announcement XD

yo! wadup''
i gonna announce this'' ehem,ehem..''
 ladies and gentleman''
after fiveeee days i have think deeply about it!!!
 yeah!! not 1 not 2 but 5veeee days!!!
i have make up my mind!! 

i'm decide to reject my friend offer to stay at her friend house,and stay at UNISTAR!!!
Actually,i have a very big reason why i'm choosing ''UNISTAR''
..well.. regarding this month is ''PUASA'' month..
i don't want to waste my energy to wait a bus at bus stop...
and ''UNISTAR'' is the best place..
coz i don't need to waste my money,my energy and my precious time either to come late to the class..

hahahaha although the monthly rental quite expensive ...but i think its worth it..
coz ''UNISTAR'' placed at strategic area.. there is kedai runcit''kedai photostat'' kedai makan''tasik sek7''jogging track'' are near by and the most important is ..its really near to my campus..
awesome right!!!.. :)
hurmmm but there is 1 thing i need to be prepare early..
''MONEY'' i really had to f***ing save my budget..
coz i only have RM300 per support my daily expenses for a month.

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