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Thursday, January 12, 2012

too tired + exhausted....;(

long time i didn't update new entries..
because recently, there's alot of test, assignment n presentation i'll need to faced n finished ...
too much pressure u know'' because these 2nd sem.. the subjects are thougher than before..
i really hope that i can handle all the works properly...
well'' as u know... about these proverb.. ''no pain no gain''..
so i must work harder n work smartter to get gud result'' am i right''?
so dyla.... aja ja FIGHTING!!

okay...(just to update u about MR.A )
actually there's one week he didn't call or text me...
i feel kinda desperate  to wait from his call... but u know me..
i can handle my self to be patient ...but i had a long-suffering to waiting his call..
but last 3 days... (tuesday mid-night).. i was busy with my assignment ... doing my journal..
n read my works ethics notes...  but some that time... i felt that he will call me..
n my guess is right'' he really did call me at that mid night.. our conversation....suddenly
he said that the way i talked like a matured girl ...

what!!!?? matured?? hahahaha
well.. i'm 19 years old already... so how come i didn't be a matured girl...
...... but honestly.. i feel realy glad that he called me....
because i'm really miss him soo much ......hahahaha...
haiz... jgn jdi gatal lah dyla.... study first lah!!! bru fikir pasal couple2 nie!!
nanti mak marah padan muke!!!

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SimplySeoul said...

Live life to the fullest. Don't be sad because of phone calls. There's a lot in life for you to be happy about.