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Thursday, December 22, 2011

get excited for tonight...♥♥

dear dumb diary''
today As'' my old housemate called me..
she asked me today what day''of course i didn't say today is Friday..
well'' for ur info today is her birthday...after i wished her birthday wish...
then she said... the real stuff she want to tell me..tat she asked me to join
a reunion...for housemate c1306.. i felt kind of excited u noe...
cant wait for tonight... we'll gathering at the place we had stayed last semester ''WISMA MAIS SHAH ALAM.''.. now i'm preparing someting awesome stuff for ''AS'' n other housemate..
kahkahkah''..dumb diary...sorry coz i can't shared this secret with u... coz this super duper dumb private secrets... just wait... i'll update a new entries to shared the secrets with u... hahhahahaha
i got to go now... there's something i need to handle n need to be prepared b4 the gathering~...♥

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SimplySeoul said...

If we are lucky enuff, we get the coolest housemates. If not we have to bare the whole year with grumpy people.

You are lucky then.