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Thursday, December 22, 2011

dumb things

After Miss Y finished making me study with her .
i talked her into going up to the guardian store
to try to choose a new lip balm flavor.(she so did not want to do it, but i made her.
This Sort of Gentle Pressure is a part of the grieving process when somebody loses a loved one such as Choco Mint flavoring).
Even though miss Y made me stand there forever while she rejected about 12 perfectly good lip treatments,
I had to tell her that jumbo lip gloss she finally selected n liked was actually
a roll-on deodorant , 
so the effort was a huge failure,
but I'm sorry: Friends tell friends they're wearing anti-persrespirants on their mouths .
.hahahahahahahaha (i'm just kidding. miss Y was not that fool as u think)

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