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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Need workout''

today i weighing my  body weight...
      n WHAT THE H***  
i gained 6 kg''
tat is really shock me off...
now'' if my mind-boggling to see
something cute in a shop and i think
i not so confident that i will fit in

As a girl'' i felt like an outcast because i'm heavy now~ 
i couldn't run fast...anymore...
or do something good sport i like as before

n i think i should do exercise regularly 
to maintaining a healthy body weight ..
n its important for me to prevent diabetes
so i have aim for at least 30 minutes 
of exercise a day~...or jogging for 40 minutes

 i need to take care of limit saturated fat
and moderate total fat intake..
n its mean that i'll had to say goodbye to
delicious food'' n also chicken...

and i need to get enough sleep..
seven to eight hour.. because research said 
in sufficient sleep causes the release of adrenaline like 
substances tat induce insulin resistance~

so '' that's all...
i will reporting every week about my weight
hope'' i can lose 2 kg per month~
wish me luck!! ♥

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