welcome to my condition... saye dyla..tuan punye rumah...note: i'm using broken english in this blog...yup'' no doubt.. ouhh yeahh..hahaha''''..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

good bye 2010'' HELLO 2011 !!! ><..

holiday over already''
everyone busy with thier routine ~ i always alone at home now~
but 4 the night i got tuition ~ mandarin language...

there '' i got few frens .. they so nice 1..
n the sir so tall 1 '' but sometimes he really funny ..
n there got 2 chinese boy tat always bully a malay boy ~
but the malay boy oso stupid'' y he always like to make prob with them?~
paiseh ~ 

n this year i  made a new fb acc..
this 1 so special~ only for my frens  n wo de jia ren  can add me~

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