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Saturday, October 22, 2011

my new weight''


today is 29.03.2011

26.03.2011 are the date that i went to klife office''
to buy klife product..with my mother'' my lil sis n lil brother''

there''at klife office got ''Body Analysis digital weighing scale''

 when i saw the weighing scale..

.i wanna know my lil sis body weight'' because she is shorter than me....n because last time she  

said that i'm ''fat''!!!

''so  i 

ask to my lil sister to  try it''
n  her result is 43.7kg...
after she weighing .... she ask me to weighing  too..

so... i step on  the weighing scale...
n jeng jeng jeng'''''''

my result is 44.6kg!!!!!!

whoahahahahahahahaha i'm sO happy''
because last time i weighing '' my weight was 47kg...''
BTW'' my height is 160cm...

but '' when i told to my sister about my new weight''
she asked me to weighing more weight ...  

because i'm too slim.. (underweight category )
so its not normal'' n unhealthy for me...

well''' i said to her''' ermmmm... ok.. i'll try.''      ^^

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