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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Gulingggg gulinggg

Assalammualaikum hai diary
Buat apa?? Tunggu kite main taip2 lg ehhh..
Dear dairy...
Today got on of those ct thorax abdomn..
I really forgot to recon the abdomn part to thin slices osteo..
Walaowehhh luckily itu doc not so angry..
Too many fracture on pt lumbar spine.. 
I missed out.. Sedihhh nye ..
Doc suruh look and learn..
So this time protocol yg digune adlh abd trauma..
So no need arterial phase.. Must recon bone window..n check if got any # ..
Bleeding..haaaaa tp sblum tu kene buat pre dahulu.. 

1 comment:

miss fifi said...

just learn from all the mistakes, inshaallah you'll be super good at it one day :)