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Monday, May 30, 2016

Crazy dayy

Maluuu nye haiiiiiiii
Amoy lah nii 
Panas satu bdn ghase..
Dear dumb diary.. U should see how amoyyy laughing inside my car...
She said m so funny.. Even though i did nothingggg ,,
Walaooo maluu segan semua ada.. 
I dont know how to get rid of this prob.. 
Actually too shy oso kenot..
But wht can i do.. Its beyond of my control..
Haaaa ni nak msg goodnite ke idak ni?? 
Kang kene sakat mcamana.,sat g lmbt tido..
So diary.. I know.. I agree with ur suggestion lets sky diving.. Only tomorrow lah u wish morning..
Haaaa baguihh2 .. Btw today work like here run there..but i really enjoyed haha even i fart to much whenever i get nervous during  doc samy case...others ct scan i done..semua goes well.. Lucky me all my measurements are correct ..the work makes me tired n very tension but somehow actually deep from my heart saying I enjoy with my job  as a radiographer..really..seriously very super duper seriously.. I dont know wht others radiographer felt.. But i do felt I enjoyed with my job..makanya  Alhamdulillah..n Gambatte kudasaiiiii!!!! Boleh lg ni..

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