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Friday, May 27, 2016


Assalammualaikum dear my dumb's all about perspective
Everyone got their own perspective.. Even we explained..doesn't mean they will accept..betuiii dakk
Klu accepted..baguihhh lerr.. Haha
Contoh mcm citer member nie... Dia judge other people life yg x kawin2 lg..walau umur dia dh masuk 3 series..
Cheq pahammmm Some people can't be alone, they find happiness in their spouse. Mcm member ni laaa..They're afraid of loneliness and that's completely fine.. haaaa gituu

But just because someone else is single doesn't mean he or she is lonely...I know a lot of single people are  happy with their lives...because we know how to make ourselves happy. We appreciate the company of friends and family. And that's completely fine too.. org single ni..kadang x sedia nk kawin.. Pluss.. Its all written since we were in our mother womb..dh tuhan tulis jodoh  sampai lmbt nk wat gano.. Betuii dakkk..lg pun tuhan kan ada.. X lonely pun..kite je yg buat sendiri lonely sapa suruh..

Happiness is subjective,
Just live ur live with good vibes..
Bak kata cinta.. Hidup ni bukan lama pun..nnti mati gak..baik risau kehidupan ever after...
Haa gituuu...

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