welcome to my condition... saye dyla..tuan punye rumah...note: i'm using broken english in this blog...yup'' no doubt.. ouhh yeahh..hahaha''''..

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Tht is happening rite now..
Dear diary.. I dont know.. Seriously.. I dont know..
Hahaha n m sure u oso dont know coz i oso dont know..
I dont know wht i want to know.. N i dont know wht i dont know.. Hahahah very confusing .. Well perempuan always like tht.. 

Btw today m done mri.. Hahaha got so many problem ..haha
Some of them advice me to stop playing those permainan ..hahaha

I cant lah dairy.. 
Tiada kepuasan tanpa permainan.. Pluss boleh maintain my weight.. 
Jatuh2 ..injured2 tu normal lah hahahha

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