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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Overall "okay lah"

hai dairy..
Its me again..
The clock is ticking..
When it strikes 12 i need go to sleep..
So i only hv few minutes to type dis post..
Overall today at workplace was quite good.. Although lee wasn't at the departmnt due to her orientation tht will takes about 2 days oooooo.. So long wehhhh.. But the gud news is..
Today i didnt scolded by doc wong .. 
Even my ivu procedure was like.. Aduhhh matilah aq hahahaha
M not sure y.. Maybe bcoz of he in a good mood.. I dont know.. Just guessing..but m very pity on my ivu's patient.. Doc suspect tht uncle got tumor inside his bladder..
Overall everythinng goes smoothly..
My ot case also goes very well..

But tomorrow i dont hv any idea wht kind of day i'll go through hahaha

#itu paman zanirah busy dgn kije..  So i being ignored.. Hahaha kacau pun x da respond.. Nasib kacau si amoy x de krik2.. Amoy update pasal kawan sya.. Alhamdulillah she doing fine..  N i think she still guessing about my ring lah.. Hahahaha i think she knows wht was going on here.. But she still dont know how to make me tell her the truth.. 
Well diary.. I didn't mean too not to tell them ... It just.. Its not d right time to tell.. Later lah.. When the time is come.. I will let them know.. But for now.. They need to be veryyyyyyy veryyyyyyy patience.. 

Alright.. Have good sleep dumb diary.. Me lap u.. Muah muah muah..

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