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Thursday, January 21, 2016


Dear diary..
Ni nak habaq mai sikit..
Tp sblum tu nk tnye ni..
Elok kah klu org tu jatuh hati dgn org yg sama berkali2..
Adehh kira mcm cheq kene gune2 la nk kan.. Mcm lah mcam..

Hmmmm how many times haaa???
Not sure.. But m very sure it's uncountable..
N its exactly d same person..
I wonder wht was happening actually..
But i still cant figure it out..

Do u think its a good thing??
Or bad thing?? I already bing it..n i even ask with pakcik gugel..But still dont have the actual  answer tht i want to know..

So the conclusion is.. Jgn jadi macam dila XD
Nnti org kata x waras.. Hahaha
X pe2 kuat kan iman!!!

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