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Sunday, February 24, 2013


the night is still young..
n i sitting on my bed.. and typing new post..
n this time typing with my tears falls out..
well.. i very dissappointed regarding what was happened just now..
off course i dissappointed..coz all my hardwork is just useless ... i lost alot of money.. that i had been collected since 3 years ago... ya Allah.. semua yg aq penat2 kumpul ...semua sia2...  n now my mother is mad at me..  coz im crying about this kind of stuff.. n its make everything become worst as the idioms said"everything gone to the dog"... n its make me really upsad... 
thanks to yana coz she chilled me.. thanks a lot to her...
now i feel a bit better .. than just now..
yana said " yana tahu .. dyla penat kumpul bnyk2 ... even yana nampak dgn mata yana... yg dyla betul2 berusaha kumpul duit tu... tp maybe Allah dh catut yg tu semua bukan rezeki dyla...semua ni ade hikmah.. jd.. dyla bersabar ye.."
like yana told me just now.. maybe kali ni bukan rezeki dyla...

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