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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

so arrogant =.=''

dear mr.a

i know u have a great looking.(although b4 this i see ur face like penyangak..perogol yg mau aim org...hoooooo spooky.., ) awesome car, bapak besar superbike , and quite big salary kot lah.. x sure pun hahaha main taram je..
..there are many girls like u..n u are such a prince charming for them ..  u quite perfect..
but the things is... u can't find a girl that u like to be your beloved one..
do you know the reason..y the girl that u like din sincerely like you?
well..the strong reason is..sbb anda berlagakk!! .
oh dude''din you notice that?

i dont know y i still like u -.-''
erghhhh hate uuuu

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