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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

i'm a radiographer :)

hye back!!
its been long i didn't update my blog...
due to my moody mood..

i just wanna update new entry about my current life as a student..

currently for now on... i'm a radiographer.. i start working as a radiographer at hospital sik,kedah during today n for next 3 month.. :)

n the radiographer who will handle us along the 3 month is puan julia.. A K A. kak ju.

how first day work??

errmmm quite boring...
coz today only the i did not do the x ray part..
but i have looked around in the dark room ..(n its totally dark off course)
n i also have played with the x ray equipment..n its feel AWESOME!!! :)
b'coz its more better than in our lab..

seriously i don't not what will happen next''
can't wait for tomorrow.. :)

that's all for today.. bye:)


SimplySeoul said...

This is the first time i heard of radiographer. sounds like a cool job. hwaiting. even tho things might get harder next time, remember to still have fun along the way.

dyla 상태 >.<'' said...

never heard them??
it is sounds like a cool job..n also sounds like ''AWESOME'' !! hahaha
n yeah.. things get harder.. but i'll enjoy it!! don't don't worry.. coz
i will :)