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Saturday, December 17, 2011

a boring day ~ =,=''

Saturdays are so cool..that i will never ever figure out they only made one of them per week -.-''
I called my best friend's Ain!! :] to see if she wanted to do something today....,
but her mom said she was at the mall with her new friends.

I could hardly believe it!! how could she go without telling me!!!
 i am her best friend!!! u know!!!
 for the rest of my day.... I was grabbing the phone every time it rang,
figuring it was Ain calling me back...
 Late in the afternoon, some women sounded familiar called for mom ...
but I couldn't quite place the voice.Afterward , mom was all excited but wouldn't tell me who it was or why she called. '' I'm sure they're going shopping or something.. =,=''

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