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Monday, November 14, 2011

HoW to MaKe buTToN FOLlow dgn Pic sEnDiRi??

i'm using rojak language (english+malay) 4 all tutorial..hee..

straight to the point~
u want to do follow button macam ni....tapi nak gune gambar sendiri??

easy je~ mcm kacang lah'' heee...

step 1
1. Log In > Dasboard > Design > Add a Gadget > click HTML/JavaScript
then u copy the code below...(copy code kt bwh nie)

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="URL Image" /></a>

replace  ur blog id at the pink color = don't know ur blog id ?? click here...

step 4
YOur URL Image = letak la gambar yang sesuai untuk button follow..
ade few example kt bwh nie ...klu nk gune'' gune lah...

u can choose any cute icon in this web


Aida Chummy said...

Thanks for the turorial. Hee :)

dyla 상태 >.<'' said...

u're most welcome dear♥