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Saturday, November 12, 2011

how to get URL pic

 i'm using rojak language (english+malay) 4 all tutorial..hee
When managing a blog, will not be missed to put the picture. Perhaps a view to putting images varies, but what is important to note is the author photo. Url files can be labeled 'address' on a picture.

for example, 4 this pic ni, url nye adalah

Although you can upload images using the method already exists, but sometimes you need a url for an image, especially when it comes to tricks to be placed on the blog.

the problem now is how to know the url of an image that already exists on the website.

For example the picture above, how to get the URL.
Here is placed the means used for several different browsers

its was easy, pada pic yang u nak in any website or blog, right click pada pic tersebut.. there are many different choices in different browser 


Cara dapatkan url gambar


Cara dapatkan url gambar


Cara dapatkan url gambar


Cara dapatkan url gambar

(agak complicated sikit  sb ada dua step)

Cara dapatkan url gambar

Cara dapatkan url gambar

u can try whether its work or not '' just enter image url in this code and then test pada ruangan post entri korang.
<img src="Masukkan URL gambar disini" />

p/s: should be noted there are some websites that you can not copy the pictures they like photography and other ². But mostly there r no problem as long as the consent of the owners.

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