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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A really stupid story. but still damn funny♥

Miss A and Miss B are so boring.

then Miss B said la abt we go Miss C's house 

Miss C = the person that Miss A admire :D

Then, Miss A say we dk her house also.
then Miss B said
How about we go every house and knock the door see which one is her house.

 Then Miss A say eh u want me mati ka? 

haha. Then Miss B said haha. no la.


 After that Miss A said how abt we go and ask Miss D?
Miss D = Miss C's best friend
Then Miss B said yea la..okay..but Miss D will jealous 

then Miss A said ermm..ya hor..okay lor..nvm :D
Miss B said then how?
Miss A said la , nvm la..ask only mah! 

then Miss A go and ask Miss D. 
Then Miss D very jealous 

so she go and kill Miss C.


Then the Miss A very sad. She post on fb..

Hey why do u kill the person that i admire the most! Haih! -.- how sad am i!

 Then leh Miss D go and comment : eh u siao arr..i still alive but she die dy. R.I.P :P

Then Miss A said larh , =( Wth?!

Then Miss D go and comment ; hey dun angry
Then Miss A very angry 


then she dun want to talk with Miss D.
 Miss D  very sad

becoz Miss A dun want to talk with her after the murder.

Afterthat Miss D kill herself .


Miss A and Miss B very sad

becoz both of them die dy. *touchwood* 

Miss C and D go to heaven dy.

Then Miss D use the phone from heaven to contact us.
Miss C said ; i will take good care of her


Then Miss A said:u dun kill her i very happy dy.


After that , Miss C use the heaven d fb and chat with Miss A and Miss B. 
The connection that Miss C use is at heaven is --> when u regret
Miss A and Miss B so damn shock

How come they die dy still can online!OhMyGod!


Miss Cand Miss D say they're happy at there.
They ask Miss A and Miss B dun worry.

Miss A and Miss B shock then they din reply them and offline.
After that , Miss A and Miss B wake up , they shout ; Thanks God , it;s jx a dream


create by S.W AND HER FRIENDS..♥

don't u dare to copy this story  

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