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Saturday, October 22, 2011

public speaking (tips)

I used to be terrified of public speaking now it's natural n fun...kikiki.
Dry mouth, fast heart (dub dub dub dub..) sweaty palms, blank mind ...don't know what r u saying n what u wanna say... - yeah...=,='' I've been there! It's easy to fear public speaking...XD. But I was never just content with overcoming fear...n I wanted to be a great speaker...i guess..hahaha...don't lough!! (i'm serious..=='')

What I needed was a way of calm down n applying simple techniques n strategies to talk like a pro....(likes my teacher syarifa) anyway... i tell u what.. she's good ...

When I'd learned to relax (more of that later) I learned n applied the following four steps.

Reassure u'r audience - they need to know u know u'r stuff n u are human!!
Hook them by being interesting n relevant...

Tell them y what u are saying is relevant to them.

Inspire them by giving them information n ways of seeing that r new n applicable..
Leave them on a high by telling a story them encapsulates u'r central msg...

n please noted'' don't u ever try to make or tell a stupid joke... ==''.. if not..u'll kick out from there...

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