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Sunday, October 16, 2011

my funny momment'' ^^


I have one funny story...that time I was 6 years old and I begged my mother while we were out shopping for some Mickey Mouse sun glasses. She purchased them and I was so excited because I had my very first pair of sun glasses. I flaunted them in front of my sister miss Linggi's face trying to make her jealous because she didn't have any sun glasses. Well, later that day while we were outside playing, I befriended a stray cat. I wanted to see how the glasses would look on the cat, so I put them on the cat and he took off running with my sun glasses on his face. I ran behind him trying to get my sun glasses back, I remember chasing him 3 houses away, but it was too late, he was long gone.
These stories have special meanings to me, Whenever I miss my childhood and I want a good laugh, I sometimes think of the innocent, yet funny moments.

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