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Sunday, November 13, 2011

my awesome new friends a.k.a housemate

before i start''
i represent our new ''5 star hotel'' its called MAIS 5 star hotel'' mata pndg atas tgn letak kat bahu hahaha
BLOCK C 1306


                                                         art n graphic student''
BUbu'' she's hot''
n she oso got pretty voice..n  she look nice when she start singing n playing guitar 
i remembered the song tat she make for me n AS'' 
the SONG'S title is'' PAPAN''
i can't stop laughing when she singing tat song''
btw'' today is her bufday'' hapy bufday BU.... 
may Allah bless u...dear...
SYah'' she's got style''
sometimes syah get in me to freak out...  
she will so sudden screaming n yelling when she's in her day'' 
well... u noe what i mean''
i tell u what'' 
when u noe them... u'll saying tat they are crazy.. from my view..
maybe they r crazy but  they still freakin awesome''

this is AS'' another art n graphic student''
btw U can call her rainbow'' coz she's like wearing colorful clothes 
As is a shy girl at a first... but when she start to be friendly 
u will gonna laugh when she start to laughing''
don't believe me?? well !!trust me!!she's good in laughing..

4 ME..
TIA is the most cute girl in  unitC1306
she have a tiny pitching cute voices...
i love the way she talk to us...btw 
her's habits is call anyone as RAMLAH or JAMILAH..
u see the big lips yellow face i put at a side Tia name's.. 
actually'' there are story behind tat big lips yellow face..
only my housemate n me noe the story... I guess... hahahahaha

hohohoho eh'''
this is huda.. sometimes i call her huda.. but i often calling her as HUHU..
She's cute  rite''' Hehehe but..this pic her old pic..
from this pic she looks thinner then as she's actual thin as...
well'' u noe what i mean.. rite... but don't worry she's not big as u think..
she's got the ''S' shape.. KO ADE??!!hahahaha
but i warning u... she's already hav a boyfriend...
don't believe me''?? so u can check out at HERE....
btw... she is good at making us laughing...
n turn the atmosphere to ''kecoh''n happy atmosphere..

first of all.. i wanna intro u a  bit about YANI''
when the first u meet her... u will say she got a pair of ''gojes'' eye..
but don't u feel scared or weird if u saw her when she's sleep..
coz she's sleep with her eyes open..
don't believe me...?? well..i'll prove it to you... just wait the next post''
i will post her sleeping pic,. u'll see..

NOW!! its time 4 me to intro some about Ila...
hmmmmm.... as the physical sight''
ila got S shape.. n she oso hav a pair of B...s!! hahahaha
well'' the most funny scene tat i remember about her is...
      when her pink panties dropouts at the ''dobi''
n the unfortunately the ''dobi ''owner
saw her panties dropouts n he tell to ila..tat her panties was dropouts..
as quick as Ila can.. she took the panties n put it into the laundary machine..
n the worst is there are a boy sitting in front of the laundary machine.. saw what was happen tat time..
n because of tat'' i don't hav enough strength to pull my self not to laugh out loud..'' . .
so i laugh ''lah''..
ila n the boy n  same as the ''dobi''owner also laugh...
but ila looks kinda mad'' n shame.. 
so she asked me to stop laughing...
but i can't..
so i continue laughing..
hahahahahahahaha THE END''

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