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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Money Money'' Come To mama~

i have a dream''! i hope u can make money rain in my house for reality''

hahahaha da~ its impossible that my dream will come true..

ermmm , actually....

this month i'm really POKAI 1..
this is so terrible..!
my mum do not allow me to do part time work''
she said , i'm not prepare yet..
in my heart says.. da~ it is not mean that i want to work forever
i only want to make my own money for these short time~
i wanna buy so many things...

huh'' i don't know what to do now~
should i go to work or just listen to my mum to not go to work

money money please come to me~
come to mama !! baby

oh no!! am i suddenly crazy right now?? ..

oh god please save me!!!
save me from this terrible disaster  ...

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