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Sunday, October 16, 2011

going crazy!!!

in my class 5 tee 1 b
i am the bank~
n 28 my class got jamuan'' 4 our last day together~

everything like so terrible one~
only 10 to 13 person done their payment~
the other like TAHI de~ so stupid''
they don't know what trouble will i get when the jamuan  be held
arghhhhh they getting me in super duper crabbed condition !!

i hate my sangtae at this time~
coz the condition that i face right now... make my heart exploed

oh god !!!! please help me to face this sangtae~
i don't want something nice event turned to disaster ~
hope my other friends will give good cooperation
4 me doin something nice 4 our memories~

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